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Day: March 10, 2015

Can we talk? 10 Starbucks Counseling Basics

Let’s be honest: not many of us have degrees in counseling, but over and over again we walk with students that need to be heard, healed, or saved, and it all begins with, “can we talk?” Here’s my 10 Starbucks counseling basics. They are not all inclusive, and I’m sure you have others… but it’s a start.

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In the Spirit of Joel

In order to cultivate healthy leaders who can effectively plant, develop and sustain healthy congregations, we must be honest about the barriers that too often stand in the path of women. That said, from a ministry perspective, we have an opportunity to offer a voice and example that may be sorely lacking in many communities.

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I know a woman who has seen a UFO

Organizations that embrace the principles of sustainability, intentionality, and relationship are doing work that changes individual lives and entire communities. They don’t fly in and then disappear, leaving behind UFOs. The model of long-term, community led nonprofit work is the kind Christians can be confident about investing in.

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Happy Birthday Henry Clay Morrison

Happy birthday, Henry Class Morrison! Morrison was a Methodist evangelist, editor, and president of Asbury College and founder of Asbury Theological Seminary. In today’s post read a biographical sketch of his “pentecostal” experience, then download the autobiographical account itself, for free.

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