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Day: April 9, 2015

Carrie Carter ~ Chosen

Then God spoke.

“Look at yourself. Living as if you don’t belong. Living in fear and insecurity. Withdrawing during hard times, isolating yourself instead of running into My arms. I have adopted you. I have chosen you. You are MINE….”

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Winterns (The Best Kind of Interns)

An important part of youth ministry can be Summer interns, but only if you are preparing now to develop, “WINTERNS.” It may feel like Summer is months away, or right around the corner, but Summer can important season in your youth ministry, as well as that of your interns.

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Fac Et Spera

FAC ET SPERA: Work and Hope. What a fitting inscription. The seed is sown and watered by the sweat of the planter’s brow. But the harvest is out of our hands.

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What Does Sanctification Have to Do with Sex?

Doctrine can be examined as impersonal statements or argued and debated like philosophy. But a good test of any doctrine is how it plays out in real life. In today’s post, Keith Drury shares a real world illustration—what sanctification has to do with sex.

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