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Day: August 12, 2015

On Ambition

One of the first Scriptures I memorized was a very obscure one. I don’t quote it very often because it seems to be so out of favor with the times and with the church planting culture to which I belong.

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6 Ways to Teach Children the Value of Honest Work

We all want children who will succeed in life, and part of their success hinges on their ability to value and perform hard work. How can we ensure that we are teaching children the value of honest work? Kathy Milans weighs in with sound advice.

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Seedbed - Seven Minute Seminary

Why Did 18th Century England Need a Spiritual Awakening?

It may be hard to understand the message and reception of John Wesley’s ministry in the 18th century if you don’t know the back-story. In today’ Seven Minute Seminary, Dr. Ryan Danker offers insights into the political, religious, and social climate before England experienced its spiritual awakening.

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