Why Did 18th Century England Need a Spiritual Awakening?

It may be hard to understand the message and reception of John Wesley’s ministry in the 18th century if you don’t know the back-story. In today’ Seven Minute Seminary, Dr. Ryan Danker offers insights into the political, religious, and social climate before England experienced its spiritual awakening.

John Wesley was an 18th century Anglican minister and evangelist whom God used to bring forth revival in England. After being repeatedly kicked out of churches for preaching a message of new birth, he finally declared, “The world is my parish,” meaning, he would continue his preaching on the streets and in the fields. Many churchgoers in Wesley’s day were not comfortable with the message he preached because of centuries-long religious-political upheaval. But so it is with the gospel—it seeks to afflict us in our comfort in order to push us onward into holy love of God and neighbor.

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