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Day: August 26, 2015

The Snark Jar

Around our office we recognized that snark was becoming a pretty standard way of communicating with each other and with students. This forced us to ask the tough question: Is this really how we should be interacting with one another?

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Back To School Season in a Church Plant

Back to school season is the strongest growth season for our church plant. We have historically grown more in September and October than any other point in the year. Here are some of the places that our church focuses in order to take full advantage of the back to school season.

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5 Questions: The art of asking for feedback

If you’re leading a ministry, worship service, or creative team then you’ve been in the driver’s seat at the intersection of worship and design. These five feedback questions from Kory Pence can help navigate feedback in a variety of contexts, including worship design.

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A Romans 12 Plan to Deal With Praise And Criticism

Let’s face it, when it comes to sermon development and delivery, every preacher needs a strategy to deal with praise and criticism. If you have no plan to deal with the nice things people say, then you will likely suffer from an inflated ego. If you have no plan of how to deal with criticism, then you will stay awake far too many nights with a bruised self-worth or maintain a defensive posture.

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Seedbed - Seven Minute Seminary

The Genius of Wesleyan Small Groups

Both John Wesley and George Whitefield won thousands of converts to Christ in the 18th century, leading to a great revival of the church. But Whitefield often relied on Wesley to organize and offer spiritual oversight to new converts. Watch Dr. Ryan Danker explain how this phenomenon and the flexibility of John Wesley’s ministry to meet the spiritual needs of the day contributed to renewal in the church.

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Roller Coasters and Safe People

Drama, drama! Got drama? Roller coasters may be exciting, but roller coaster relationships take their toll on you. Kathy Milans shares what she learned about buying tickets to other people’s drama-filled, roller coaster-style lives.

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