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Day: August 27, 2015

Tom Fuerst ~ Right Privilege

But this isn’t just something Christ did that was different than how God had previously revealed himself. Rather, God, from the beginning, has been challenging our understandings of the way the world is.

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Free Lesson: Find Your Light (Week 2)

In the previous lesson, we discussed what light is and began to discuss where light comes from. We are going to continue the discussion of where light comes from by looking at two additional passages.

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5 Reasons TED Talks Go Viral and Your Sermons Don’t

TED Talks are known world-wide now for not only their amazing content, but their consistently quality presentations. It seems, then, that evaluating the differences in quality between the various TED talks might provide those of us who preach with some quality insight into what makes for a good sermon.

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How Should Christians Think about Cultural Engagement?

The topic of Christian cultural engagement has been, and continues to be, one of the great theological and ethical questions each generation of Christ-followers has to work through. Read today’s article from Taylor Brown as he explores the church’s relationship to the world.

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