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Day: September 11, 2015

Aaron Perry ~ Do We Create Ourselves? What It Means to Be Human

On this island, no one else bears responsibility for another’s self-fulfillment. Where there is power for one’s own self-action, there is also absolution for any sin. I am not responsible to another if they have the power of self-creation. Any failure to thrive is the other’s burden. After all, they have the power to create their own context and I bear no responsibility to them.

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Leading Worship in the Midst of Tragedy

While tragedies and sorrows aren’t always on the national or international levels, there are always people in our congregations who come to worship carrying heavy personal burdens. Here are some ways God can use you as you lead your congregations in difficult seasons.

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The Weekly Breather: Calming the Spirit

Stop. Breathe. Be. Sometimes we all need a breather. The Soul Care Collective invites you to take a moment to encounter God in the stillness as you enter into a rhythm of breathing and being that will not only reveal the longings of your heart, but satisfy the deepest of them.

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Pentecostals Don't Have a Copyright on the Holy Spirit (Part II)

What are the threads in history that connect Methodism to Pentecostalism? Peter Bellini lists many of the connections that become convincing evidence that there is at least some kind of connection there. He posits that the connection is reliance on the Holy Spirit, and that Christianity needs a return to seeking that connection.

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