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Day: October 5, 2015

Tom Fuerst ~ The Curse of Wisdom

Wisdom is not just an intelligence bomb that God drops on us one day when we get our first gray hair. It’s not an intellectual realization that hits us one day simply because we’re aged. We’ve all known older folks who are foolish. No, wisdom has less to do with gray hair and more to do with the experience of suffering and making the choice during that suffering to continue to live in engagement with God

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Music and The Missionary: A Lesson in Context

As much as I believe content to be of the utmost importance in worship, I cannot ignore the fact that context is also crucial. At a basic level, context is how content makes sense. Good theological content is often fruitless without considering the cultural context.

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On Being a Dad

What do children really need from their dads? Chuck Butler shares touching wisdom on being a dad: both in terms of what his children have needed from him and what they have done for him.

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