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Day: April 6, 2016

Harley Scalf ~ Fear of Missing Out

Over the past few months, having been to the cross, visited the empty tomb, and celebrated the Resurrection, let us now live in awareness of the sin for which we will never be crucified.

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The Benefits of Menial Tasks

Nobody seems to ever like doing menial tasks. So often, we consider them to be ‘beneath us.’ But, what might happen if we approached them with a different perspective? Kevin Kinghorn explains how menial tasks might very well be a means of connecting with God if we approach them with the right attitude.

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Ministry in the Midst of Doubt

So often, ministry is a struggle in the midst of doubts. Not only do those doubts make us question whether we are hearing God rightly, but we also bear the guilty feelings of shame for doubting. Branden Peterson shares that God is not made angry by our doubts, but is faithful to encourage and affirm us, even in the midst of doubt.

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Icons: Sacred Art as a Way of Telling God’s Story

On some of our more recent Weekly Breathers, we have been opening our hearts to contemplation and connection with God using art. Today, Winfield Bevins shares with us an ancient method he found that helps his soul connect with our Creator God: iconography.

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Why the God of Law and the God of Grace are the Same God

  [button font_size=”25″ color=”#c69225″ text_color=”#ffffff” url=”″ width=”400″ target=”_blank”]Listen to today’s Daily Text[/button] April 6, 2016 Matthew 5:18 18 For truly I tell you, until heaven and earth disappear, not the smallest letter, not the least

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