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Day: May 12, 2016

Kickoff Summer with a Lock-OUT

Summer can be a big time filled with lots of activities for a youth group. Kick off your summer activities with a lock-OUT instead of a lock-IN! Caroline Hare shows us how.

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Becoming a Cultural Exegete

We talk about proper exegesis when crafting a sermon, but what other ways can exegesis be applied to ministry? Rosario Picardo explains what exegesis means when applied to culture and how properly exegeting the culture you serve can make a world of difference in ministry.

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Seeing Stewardship in a Different Light

When we think of stewardship, chances are, we are going to immediately think of stewardship campaigns. And, stewardship campaigns mean money. But, what if we looked at it a different way? Duke Haddad shares a different way of looking at the idea of stewardship.

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10 Reasons I Hate Preaching (But Do It Anyway)

We see all those preachers who look like they have it all together, confidently declaring the Word of God. But, behind the scenes, it can be really hard to preach week after week. Steve Dunmire shares ten of the reasons he struggles with preaching.

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