3 Ideas for Starting Right in Campus Ministry


With the beginning of the school year, there is always a sense of having a fresh start for our students. Youth Leaders have that same opportunity to re-engage with campus ministry.  Here are a few of my favorite ways to begin the school year right in campus ministry.

1. Bless it.

The Sunday before school starts back take time to recognize and bless the students.  We have a blessing of the backpacks.  Students from pre-k to seniors in high school bring their backpacks to church and get them prayed over for the year.  Then that afternoon and evening our youth group has different time slots where we pray over each of the schools our students attend.  In our area most principles don’t have a problem with you walking the grounds on a Sunday afternoon and praying over the school!  If the administration in your city aren’t as understanding, you can always stand across the street or at the entrance.  It is a great way to engage students, faculty that are Christians, as well as parents.

2. Donut Delivery.

Everyone loves donuts.  Students, teachers, and principals.  Our Children’s Minister and I deliver donuts to the office of each school with a note attached with our contact information, as well as, a thank you for all they do for our students.  Then I pick a designated place to meet students to pass out donuts to them!  It sets students minds at ease knowing they are loved and supported as they go back into the year.  Also, it is a great first point of contact with your student’s friends! They will be lining up to get donuts!

3. Constant Contact.

Usually with in that first two weeks, I try to make a point of contact with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes coordinators, Leadership Classes, Service Clubs, Band Directors, as well as Coach’s, to find out if they need speakers, meals provided, or if their groups would like popsicles or frozen wash towels for after practices!

These are all some great ways to start out the year in making connections for campus ministry, as well as, have a presence on campus.  You can always repeat all of these over again in January after Christmas break!



Caroline has served in student ministry for almost 10 years, and is currently the Youth and Young Adult Minister at Destin United Methodist Church in Destin, FL and co-founder of WAVES Girls Event, a conference for girls ages 14-24. Getting a call into youth ministry at age 16 in Nashville, TN led to Caroline getting a degree in Youth and Family Ministry and a certificate through PREPARE/ENRICH for Premarital Counseling at Abilene Christian University in 2009. She got her start in full time student ministry at Highland Park United Methodist Church in Dallas, TX. Caroline loves to encourage students in their faith, and see them be lights in their community. Some things Caroline enjoys is time on the beach, reading, sushi, coffee, traveling and time with her friends and family. You can follower her on her blog, called “Big Hare & Big Faith,” www.carolinehare.wordpress.com, or on Instagram and Twitter: @CarolineHare