4 Incredible Youth Games Inspired By Jimmy Fallon

4 Incredible Youth Games Inspired By Jimmy Fallon

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I find Jimmy Fallon to be a genius in his genre, but I have also recently found him to have some pretty decent youth group ideas as well. The show is full of hilarious games that Jimmy plays with his guests. We have decided to turn some of those games into youth ministry games. Obviously, not all of the games played are appropriate for the youth ministry setting, but here are a few that I think will really be a blast with your students.

Box of Microphones:

Essentially this is a challenge where two competitors face off by singing random songs paired with random sound effects. Each contestant chooses a song from stack of pre printed song choices and then chooses a microphone from the “box of microphones”. Each contestant has to sing the chosen song into the microphone without knowing which sound effect will come out or how their voice will sound. With a few easy tweaks, this is a really hilarious youth group challenge!

Whisper Challenge:

Another hilarious but easy to pull off game is the Whisper Challenge. In this challenge one competitor wears earphones playing music while the other contestant whispers a phrase to them selected from a stack of pre printed  phrases. The competitor wearing the earphones has to try to guess what the phrase is. They switch places as play continues and hilarity ensues.

Classroom Instruments Challenge:

There is a frequent segment on the Tonight Show where Jimmy Fallon and the Roots perform a popular song with the artist who made it popular using only classroom instruments. Think kazoos and maracas. This is easily be made into a game. Simply split your students into teams, give each team a variety of classroom instruments, have them choose a song from a hat and see who can come up with the best rendition in a certain amount of time.


Much like the Password board game, a player is given a word and has to try to get their teammate to guess the word using only one word clues. After a certain number of incorrect guesses, the opposing team can steal, if they can guess the password in one guess.


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