4 More Fallon-Inspired Youth Games

4 More Fallon-Inspired Youth Games

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The Tonight Show has inspired, not only an awesome Ben and Jerry’s flavor, but more than one awesome moment for our youth group.  Granted, I find Jimmy Fallon to be a genius in his genre, but I have also recently found him to have some pretty decent youth group ideas as well.  Here are four of our favorites!

Wheel of Musical Impressions:

This is a great re-occurring segment where Jimmy and a guest take turns doing musical impressions. A wheel is spun that determines a song to be performed and the artist they must perform it as. This is hilarious and easily doable for youth group.

Velvety Dance Bag:

In this incredibly funny competition, competitors pull out random prompts from the “velvety dance bag”, and have to make up dance moves to music that correspond with the prompts. They compete to see who has the best moves. Examples of prompts include things like “putting on skinny jeans” and “walking on a moving bus”.

Emotional Interview:

In this segment, two people have a normal conversation, but throughout the conversation a bell dings and they have to continue the conversation with different emotions or situations. Some of these would include things like being overly polite, a little too nosy or not being able to remember each other’s names. Both players have to stay in that mode and continue the conversation until the bell dings and another emotion is displayed. This is easily be adapted into a super funny youth group activity.

Egg Russian Roulette:

This one is super simple. Grab a dozen eggs. Hard boil 8 of them. Put them all back in the carton together. Have two competitors take turns breaking them on their foreheads. First one to get two raw ones loses. Boom.


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