5 Questions for Discipleship Meetings

There are many models for growing Christians into mature disciples of Jesus. They should include the important elements of worship, meetings, means of grace, service, etc. However, when it comes to meetings that focus on content and Scripture, we need somewhere to start.

In this Seven Minute Seminary, Dr. Matt Friedeman shares a unique model of meeting with disciples that orient us both toward the presence of Jesus among us, and each other in the room. This model encourages those present to select a passage from Scripture, then to meditate on it by asking of Jesus the following questions, and sharing with those present:

  1. What is Jesus saying to us through his word? (learning the mind of Jesus)
  2. Who is Jesus to you through this passage? (learning the nature of Jesus)
  3. What has Jesus done for or through you? (learning the activity of Jesus)
  4. How can you serve your community better? (learning the desires of Jesus)
  5. What are you believing Jesus for? (learning the power of Jesus)

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One Response

  1. Matt, Thank you for sharing this.
    I like the idea of addressing and praising Jesus in our presence at a meeting.
    This would be good at all types of meetings: finance SPR, trustees, etc.
    How can I get some of the book marks with the 5 questions,


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