April 26: Psalm 11


April 26: Psalm 11

Trust in the Lord

Short meter double 66.86 D                    Terra Beata (This is My Father’s World), p. 10

Diademata (Crown Him with Many Crowns), p. 20

My trust is in the Lord; how can you say to me,

“Now like a bird from peril haste and to your mountain flee!

The wicked bend the bow with arrow fixed for flight,

And stealthily in darkness go the true in heart to smite.

“Foundations are destroyed! What can the righteous try?”

The Lord is in His holy place; the Lord’s throne is on high.

His eyes will surely see, His eyelids try men’s sons.

The Lord tries just and wicked men; His soul hates cruel ones.

Upon all wicked men He’ll rain entangling snares.

Brimstone and fire and burning wind He for their cup prepares.

For righteous is the Lord, and He loves righteousness;

And every one who upright is will see His gracious face.

One may safely argue that the most important line of Psalm 11, the sentence sustaining its message as a whole, is the one that says: “The Lord is in His holy temple. The Lord’s throne is in heaven.” If there is any firmness for our lives, any steadfastness for our souls, the cause of such constancy is the immovable throne of Christ our God. A good place to start thinking about this psalm is the drama described in Genesis 19, the destruction of Sodom and the flight of Lot. The similarities are striking. Similarly, when Jesus would tell us of the final and catastrophic times, it is to Sodom that He sends us (Luke 17:28-30). Living in the world where injustice thrives and the wicked flourish, daily our prayer rises to God with the sentiments of Psalm 11. (Reardon, p. 19-20)