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Author: Adam Knight

Don’t Forget the Fun!

Do you ever feel like faith life is supposed to always be sober and solemn? Does it feel happy to be a Christian? Adam Knight shares why frivolity and fun are an essential part of a vibrant faith.

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Making Room for Community

One of the most important and often difficult aspects of church planting is creating community. Adam Knight shares some timely wisdom on accomplishing this task.

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The Church Needs Leaders

Most of the time, we see the need for leaders in our churches. But, how do we find them? The best way is to grow them! Adam Knight shares a tried and true method for growing leaders in the church in an intentional way.

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Back To School Season in a Church Plant

Back to school season is the strongest growth season for our church plant. We have historically grown more in September and October than any other point in the year. Here are some of the places that our church focuses in order to take full advantage of the back to school season.

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4 Family Steps Before You Plant

Don’t sacrifice your family on the altar of church planting (or any ministry for that matter). Your best witness and evangelistic tool for your plant is going to be a happy and healthy marriage and family that’s on board with the mission.

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