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Author: Betsy Marvin

Don’t Kick the Bucket

Every time our patience is tested, we have a choice. We can either choose to engage this bucket of fruit the Spirit provides in our lives, or we can kick the bucket over in a rage. Betsy Marvin encourages us to not kick the bucket!

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Are you ready for a throw down?

What are you holding onto? What do you need to throw down in order for God to have room to work in your life? Betsy Marvin shares the value of surrendering everything you have to God.

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Caring for Leaders 101

Adult leaders in youth ministry give up vacation for mission trips, weekends with their families for retreats, and their Sunday nights. They deserve attention. They deserve to be cared for.

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How to End Sunday School

I’m often asked in youth ministry circles, what curriculum do use for Sunday School? I answer, we don’t have Sunday School. The response, how did you do it? Answer: I offered something else and Sunday School died.

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My Why is Love

It’s August, it’s strategy time. It’s that time of year when we look forward, plan curriculum, events, and trips. What if we took the time to evaluate our why and adjust accordingly before we start ministry this year?

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