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Author: David Bosch

The Importance of Values in Selecting Leaders

Selecting the right leader will not only reduce the costs and risks of a new leader failing, but can help the organization become more competitive and effective. One way to think about context is person-organization fit in the form of value congruence, the alignment of an individual’s values and the values of the organization.

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Empowered Leadership for Any Context

Today’s leaders are called upon to achieve difficult outcomes. This demanding environment has caused organizations to look for ways to get more from their leaders and employees. Researchers are linking various theories with empowerment. There are five principles of leadership empowerment that can be gleaned from Acts 2.

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How Fear and Comfort Impact Obedience

The median wage for workers in the U.S. is about $48,000. If most readers of this blog earn more than that, most of us earn more than 98% of the world’s population. From the perspective of the entire world, we are blessed. Yet, when we hear about trials elsewhere in the world, we trade our purpose for fear, and our compassion for comfort.

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You can make money without doing evil

“You can make money without doing evil” is one of Google’s “Ten Things We Know to be True” in the “What We Believe” section of their website. Rather than merely advocating for not doing evil, how can we as believers do something positive and live out our spiritual lives in the midst of our business and money-making activities?

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