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Author: Jon Myles

Be Your Glorious Self

Why should I be concerned about being true to myself? Sometimes it is better to listen to your own heart than to try and please people. Jon Myles explains why being yourself brings glory to God, and why that should matter in ministry.

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5 Songwriting Tips For Congregational Worship

There are so many wonderful songs used every week in worship services, but even with the ocean of choices, there are times when nothing really seems to embody what your local congregation is trying to say. Grab your guitar or sit down at the piano and go to work!

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Obedience to the Father

Only God can really motivate someone to praise Him. But if we align our hearts with His and simply join Him in the work of leading people, we will have the pleasure of watching hearts come alive.

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Leading With Love

When I lead people, I want to lead like Jesus. I want to love like Jesus. It is easy in ministry to get caught up in the details of leading, to spend our energy on the how and neglect the why, but the truth is this: If we are not leading out of compassion and love, then we are leading out of something else.

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