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Author: John Page

Is Good Friday Really Needed?

What is so good about Good Friday, and why do we need to celebrate it anyway? John Page shares some thoughts on why and how we worship on this, the most somber of days.

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Fitbits and Your Faith

Medical personnel and fitness experts have determined that certain values are crucial to continuing health, or improving health (x number of steps per day, certain heart rate to burn fat/calories, certain number of hours of sleep per night, and so forth). The thinking is that if we track it, then we build better health habits and make better health choices. Why don’t we do this with our faith?

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5 Words That Grow Your Faith and Grow Your Church

Can five words make a meaningful difference in your own faith journey with Christ? Will using these five words enable your church to grow? As they relate to five practices we can engage in daily and weekly, the answer is yes. Five words. Nine syllables. They are not unfamiliar, whether you stand as a pastor in the pulpit, or participate as a parishioner in the pew: Prayers. Presence. Gifts. Service. Witness.

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