The Blessing for Returning to School


May the Lord Bless You . . .   

Bless you with courage as you teach in circumstances like you’ve never faced before
Bless you with patience as “guidelines” seem to change by the day
Bless you with understanding that you will get through this school year one day at a time

And Keep You . . .

Keep you sane as virtual classroom crashes for the umpteenth time today
Keep you engaged as a student, keep you engaged as a teacher.
Keep you safe. Keep you safe. Keep you safe.

May the Lord Make His Face to Shine Upon You . . .

Shine upon you with love that never ends and never wavers
Shine upon you with the truth that you are completely worthy of that love.

And Be Gracious to You . . .

Grace for students who are enveloped in anxiety and worry
Grace for teachers who are enveloped in anxiety and worry
Grace for yourself as you embark on a school year marked with uncertainty

May the Lord Turn His Face Toward You . . .

In that gaze know that you are affirmed completely, regardless
In that gaze know that you are accepted for who you are, just as you are
In that gaze feel His presence with you. You are never alone.

And Give You Peace . . .

Peace with yourself
Peace with teachers. Peace with students
Peace for each day. One. Day. At. A. Time.


Dr. John A. Page and his wife Stacey are both alums of Asbury Theological Seminary, and together they parent two daughters. He lives and pastors in the North Georgia Conference and can be reached at