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Author: Jeremy Smith

Preaching With Millennials

Are you struggling to understand how to preach in a way that reaches young adults in the congregation? Jeremy Smith offers helpful tips on how to preach to Millennials.

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The First Five Minutes of a Sermon

What did you do for the first five minutes of your sermon? Do you remember? Does your congregation remember? You may be surprised to find how crucial those first five minutes really are. Jeremy Smith offers 5 things you can do and five things you shouldn’t do in order to make those the most impactful 5 minutes of all.

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Finding Your Own Preaching Voice

So often, we are tempted to imitate those we admire. But, it can be important in any endeavor to find your own voice and your own way of doing things. How can we find our own preaching voice? Jeremy Smith has helpful advice on how to be authentically yourself in the pulpit.

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Stewardship Series Ideas

No one likes to do a stewardship campaign, but everyone needs to; not because our churches need money, but because we all need Jesus as the master of every area in our life.

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