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Author: Leanne Hadley

Preaching on Maundy Thursday: A Visual Approach

Do you wish your congregation would remember your sermon longer than the time it takes to get through the line and shake your hand? Leanne Hadley explains how taking a visual approach to your sermon will help your congregation retain it.

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Contemplation in Sermon Preparation

Sermon writing is different from any other writing. In order to be effective, your heart must be connected with God. Leanne Hadley shares how contemplation is essential when preparing to preach.

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Preaching During the 12 Days of Christmas

If you plan on preaching during the 12 Days of Christmas, you’d better get those sermons prepped now! You’re going to be way too worn out to drum them up after Christmas Day! Leanne Hadley shares tips on how to get ahead of the crash.

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8 Great Preaching Themes in the Movie, The Martian

I went to see the movie, The Martian, last night to just relax and not think of “church related things” but my mission failed. The entire movie is filled with so many great preaching illustrations that I can’t get the film and it’s many themes off my mind.

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No Clowns Needed: 5 Suggestions for Preaching Intergenerational Sermons

Preaching intergenerationally, to several different age levels, can seem overwhelming and difficult. Before you hire clowns, I would like to invite you to think differently about intergenerational preaching and suggest that you do not have to “dumb” down or change your preaching style to reach the different age groups in your congregations.

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Labor Day

Because this holiday has become such a beloved one for many people, there is increasing pressure to bring this secular holiday into the church during Labor Day weekend. People may come to church expecting a sermon glorifying the American Dream and celebrating how hard work created our nation.

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