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Author: Randy Jessen

Intersections: A Sermon Series on I Thessalonians

This sermon series is built on a single message for each of the five chapters in the Book of I Thessalonians. The theme is focused on the development of Kingdom citizens who are fully aware of God’s love both in the world today and in the world to come.

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Same Sermon, Different Service

For many congregations, the same preacher will be presenting the same sermon in all of the various venues. I actually think it is great fun to be a part of all of the service styles, but it is no easy task to shift gears from service to service and sometimes from setting to setting.

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A Romans 12 Plan to Deal With Praise And Criticism

Let’s face it, when it comes to sermon development and delivery, every preacher needs a strategy to deal with praise and criticism. If you have no plan to deal with the nice things people say, then you will likely suffer from an inflated ego. If you have no plan of how to deal with criticism, then you will stay awake far too many nights with a bruised self-worth or maintain a defensive posture.

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6 Steps to Becoming a Special Needs Friendly Church

When you reach out, open the doors, and make a place for special needs children, youth, and adults you will discover a wonderful blessing that will flow through your entire congregation. Read these 6 steps by Randy Jessen for reaching special needs families.

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4 Tips for Starting Fresh on Progressive Turf

Just how does an orthodox Wesleyan preacher succeed a pastor who holds an obviously different view of Scripture, doctrine, and the foundations of the faith? Randy Jessen gives four ways to start ministering with a Wesleyan evangelical approach on progressive turf.

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