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Author: Rebekah Bled

3 Fantastic Sunday Morning Icebreakers

Are you looking for ways to get your students comfortable around one another and maybe get rid of fidgets at the same time? Chasity Opphile shares three great low-prep games that make great icebreakers!

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Six Tips on Talking with Students about Sex

That dreaded moment has come. Someone in your youth group asked you the question. Yes, the question about sex. Quick! What do you do?! Jeremy Steele can help you figure out the best way to respond before this moment happens to you.

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$10 Prom

Every August we gather our high school small groups with a fall kick-off party. This year that party was a $10 prom. There was no entrance fee or ticket. Students simply had to show up and dress up. And their outfit could not exceed $10.

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How to Talk to Students About Paris

After the tragic terrorist attack in Paris, people’s emotions are all over the map. How can you talk with your students about what happened and how they feel? Rebekah Bled offers sage advice.

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Can I Ask That?

Hard questions are just that: hard. They are uncomfortable, provide no easy solution, and can raise issues in our own minds. Can I Ask That?” by Jim Candy, Brad Griffin and Kara Powell is a curriculum that embraces hard questions and the students who ask them.

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How to ruin a talk with video

Love it or hate it, I think it’s safe to assume technology is here to stay. As we process what this means for our talks, presentations, and other situations in which clarity is key, here are five definite ways to ruin a talk with a video clip.

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