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Author: Robert Sturdivant

The Three C’s Of Promotion

This past March we held our largest retreat of the year. It’s one that brings in students from all over our community. Here are the steps and tools that we use to promote the weekend.

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3 Tips for Keeping Seniors

It’s no secret that one of the hardest groups to reach and stay connected with is high school seniors. This isn’t just an article about keeping seniors, nor should we as youth workers ever at the start of a student’s senior year think about “keeping him or her around.” Instead, this is about creating community.

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Snail Mail for the Win!

One thing that our ministry team is buying into more this year is postcards! Yes, those 4×6 cardstock postcards, and we can’t make enough to keep up with the demand.

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Social Media. Simply put, use it to your advantage!!

Social media is everywhere and as youth workers, there’s no doubt that we have to make a decision: To tweet or not to tweet. While there are those who feel that it’s best to stay out of the “Instagram arena,” we dive head first into all that this world of emojis can possibly offer us.

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Finding Your Lost Sheep Without Becoming Netflix

I used to have a subscription to Netflix. When I cancelled my subscription, then the emails from Netflix to their lost sheep began. If one of our students begins to fade away, I believe Jesus is calling us to pursue that student with extraordinary love, the same way Jesus pursues us.

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