Snail Mail for the Win!

Snail Mail for the Win!

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In case you were unaware, this is the 21st century in which we can literally communicate with people from across the world in a matter of seconds, access information at our fingertips and increasingly are finding the idea of a “traditional” newspaper to be extremely outdated.

For the case in youth ministry, we too have fallen into the reality that increasing technology for our students means that we too must adapt and begin to find new and innovative ways to communicate with our students. In fact, I have an article here on Youth Ministry Collective addressing this very need for better communication in the world of social media with our students!

However, one thing that our ministry team is buying into more this year is postcards! Yes, those 4×6 cardstock postcards, and we can’t make enough to keep up with the demand.

Now I know what you may be thinking. We have technology for a reason, there is no way that students care about getting postcards. Truth is, because we all have such great technology, students never get mail anymore and when they do, they love it! So take advantage of this. Grab a camera, take a goofy picture of you or your church staff and make some great postcards.

This postcard ministry is used in two primary ways:

1 – We use them weekly as a reminder for what is going on at Element “This Sunday Night.” These are sent out every Tuesday morning to all of our students. Below are a few examples of postcards this past semester.

pumpkinfest  bestnewyear
kookout kickball  raise-parents

2 – We use them as generic cards, but this year we’ve added a twist. Rather than just putting our logo on them, we’ve now gone into one of our volunteers studios and taken a bunch of goofy youth ministry staff pictures. Check them out below!

love ou  miss youthank you  element


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