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Author: David Goss

God The Provider

In a society that values picking yourself up by your bootstraps and taking care of yourself, what do you do when you can’t? David Goss shares about the value of understanding God as provider.

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On Ambition

One of the first Scriptures I memorized was a very obscure one. I don’t quote it very often because it seems to be so out of favor with the times and with the church planting culture to which I belong.

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Lincoln on Leaders

Two insights I gained recently from Lincoln’s life may well encourage you in your church planting endeavors. They have me.

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Fortitude and Fruitfulness

I have learned that as long as the fig tree is bearing fruit and the lampstand remains in place, the work can and should continue. Buying into the culture’s models of success and seeking to copy other churches’ growth rates can been pesticide to the church plantings of the Lord.

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