BIG News for Soul Care Collective!

BIG News for Soul Care Collective!

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Hi Soul Care Community!

Have you noticed we have been a little more quiet than usual, lately?

Our team has some big news that we want to share with the world! Recently, the decision was made for to no longer host the collectives blogs. This was a decision they took lots of time making, and it seems to be the best move for Seedbed at this time. We certainly wish them well, and we will be open to any ways we might be able to partner with them in the future. However, this decision has actually afforded us an opportunity for some exciting growth and forward movement!

Asbury Seminary is creating a new hub to put resources and help at easy access for those of us who are on the front lines in ministry and in the helping professions. It will contain tons of opportunities for personal and professional growth for students, alumni, and for the public. This new hub will also provide opportunities to both give and receive prayer and other ministry with our family in Christ.

We are pleased to announce that we will be rebranding and expanding our site to partner with Asbury Theological Seminary’s Alumni Office on this one-stop hub for all things related to faith and caring for ourselves and others!

They will be providing our web hosting, IT, and and some funding, while we will be providing transformational and useful content for their users to access and find help in their own ministry contexts. They have found us to be a helpful ally in our mutual efforts to equip the Body of Christ. The sentiment is certainly shared.

Our team has already been working hard for a couple of months to make this transition as seamless as possible and to unveil a new, user-friendly, easy to navigate site on this hub. It will give our writers more visibility, as well as open up their reader base to us and ours to them. We will also be more able to accurately track our site traffic data. This will help us determine which topics appeal the most to our audience and which articles people are finding helpful.

We believe that all these coming changes are exciting opportunities to learn, to grow, and to serve you better.

Here is what you can expect from us:

1) Communication! We will keep our writers and readers informed about coming changes so they will not need to miss any of our amazing content. Updates will be given primarily via posting on our site, which will also be sent out to our email list. We will be posting an announcement similar to this one in a few days on the blog. Don’t worry! We won’t let you get lost in the shuffle!

2) Articles! We will be operating on a limited calendar while we spend the majority of our staff-hours working on the logistics and tech aspects of our website transition. We will continue to post engaging content at a rate of one to two posts per week until the new, shiny site is unveiled. Temporarily decreasing the rate of publication will allow our staff to spend more time making sure the new site is ready on time and works well for all our users. Once the site is up and running, we will resume our former three-per-week schedule, with the potential to increase frequency of posting as we add more contributors.

3) Inclusion! We will still be providing content that is relevant to all people who visit our blog. Our partnership with the seminary does not mean we are only interested in reaching a seminary audience. We are excited to add their audience to ours, but we will still be addressing the same themes we have always addressed, though we may include some new ones!

In the meantime, this is what our team needs from you:

1) Patience! If you submit an article in the next month or so, we will be choosing the best and brightest articles to showcase when the new site unveiling happens. So, if your article has not posted, never fear! We liked it so much that we decided to showcase it! This is a good thing! If your article did post, that doesn’t mean we didn’t like it! We still need good articles to keep our readers engaged during the transition time! You didn’t get rejected unless you received an email from our managing editor directly stating that.

2) Articles! We are working on building up a storehouse of posts so we can work a couple of months in advance. It really helps our team in terms of planning for special series and seasonal articles. So, if you have something you would like to write, you are all welcome to submit work to our blog. If you would like to know more about our submission policies, please don’t hesitate to drop us a note! If you know anyone who might make a good addition to our contributors, encourage them to submit something.

3) Communication! If you have suggestions for topics or other improvements to our blog, please do not hesitate to contact us! If you are confused about something or have questions about an article you have submitted, email us!

4) Excitement! It’s time to get excited! Many of you have been with us since we began as a tiny little group of caregivers with something to say, and you have watched us grow into a legitimate blog. Many of you have invested in us, and are very valuable to us. We want you to be as excited and encouraged by our growth and growing visibility as we are! Our hard work is paying off!

We are absolutely humbled by the way the Lord has taken our efforts and so graciously added his blessing to them. Little really is much when God is in it, and we could not have gotten this far without you: our writers and readers! Thank you!


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