Breaking the Chains of Injustice Prayer Event

Breaking the Chains of Injustice Prayer Event

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Modern day slavery is a massive problem, and mobilizing your students to fight human trafficking can be an incredible way to teach them to put their faith into action. This has been the case for our group.  One of the most successful things we have done to help students engage with this issues is a Breaking the Chains of Injustice Prayer event.

This prayer event focused on human trafficking and modern day slavery, and was a great way to pair raising awareness with taking action. Through this event, we focused on breaking the chains of injustice by creating a meaning full way to help the students spend time in prayer for this specific issue. It was a powerful way for them to connect with the issue and feel like they were actually doing something about it.

The Rock

Students began by holding a rock.  The rock reminded them of their place in the grand scope of history.  It reminded them that long before they were around, the stone was being created within the earth.  As the stone warms within their hand it reminds them of how they participate and affect even huge things that began before they were born and will be there after they are gone.

The Button

Students take a button and consider how even small things are important and noticed when they are gone. After praying for the people who are ignored and forgotten, they take a button with them to remind them of all the forgotten people in the world.

Melting Prayer

As students use a heat gun to melt crayons on canvas, they ask God to release their own abilities and gifts and show them how to use those gifts as part of the incredible piece of art that God is creating.

Marking the Globe

After thinking about the many forms of injustice happening all over the world, students mark the place of that in justice on a globe.  Then, they spend time in prayer for that place and the places marked by other students.

Signing up for the Fight

In this station, the students begin by praying against modern day slavery.  They are called to remember the issue and pray for Justice.  After they conclude their prayer, they sign their name on a table runner as a sign that they are making a commitment to fight against modern day slavery.

With my whole body

We are offering God all of ourselves in prayer not just our voices.  Students take a moment to be still and use the position of their bodies to echo the prayers of their heart.  They are given several options from open hands to sitting to standing with their feet flat long the floor and others.

Kneel, lay, stand

The prayer event ends with a time to kneel before God to say we are his, lay down and surrender to God’s work, and standing to glorify God and receive God’s presence.

All of this (and a lot more detail) is available in this pdf.


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