Build Your Kingdom Here: Free Youth Group Lesson

Build Your Kingdom Here: Free Youth Group Lesson

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Bottom Line

Among Wesleyans, we talk a lot about Loving God, and Loving People. Sometimes it may feel like that’s all we talk about. But, when you get right down to it, Jesus said that’s what it takes for Gods Kingdom to come. Love God, and Love people. If we get to a point where all people love God, and all people love people, God’s Kingdom would inevitably be built HERE. We are the tools God uses to build His Kingdom. Much like when we’re actually building something, we can’t be afraid to get our hands dirty when building God’s kingdom. This week we will be talking about using the tools God gave us (spiritual gifts) in our relationships while “loving others” to build the kingdom of God in THIS CITY!

Memory Verse:

“From him the whole body, joined and held together by every supporting ligament, grows and builds itself up in love, as each part does its work.”  Eph 4:16 (NIV).

Something Fun: Have your students get out their Bibles (or print the verse on some small sheets of paper) and have them each read one word in the verse. Do it a couple times and see how fast you can do it. Before they know it, they’ll have the verse memorized!

Middle School Adaptation:

Be yourself: God made you the way He did for a purpose. He made you funny, or silly, or smart, or athletic, or whatever for a reason. Because you can make friends with some people and reach some people that NO ONE else can.

For the middle school adaptation, Be Creative! We want to show them that they should use who they are to love others and share the Love of God. Here are some ideas:

  •       Have them build a human pyramid. They must be on all fours. This shows that they have to use the strengths they have to play their role in the structure.
  •       If you could dig up an old “square peg in square hole” toy, that’d be awesome. Or maybe kids puzzle with enough pieces for each person. Each piece has its role…and if that piece tries to be something it’s not, then something will be missing.

Play or sing “Build Your Kingdom Here” by Rend Collective. We’ve listed the lyrics below. Here’s a link to the music video:

For lyrics, click here:

Build Your Kingdom Here

By Rend Collective Experiment

Discussion Questions:

1)   What lyrics from the song stood out to you? Why?

2)   What does it really mean to build God’s Kingdom on earth? Does it require construction?

3)   Read Matthew 6:9-13. “Your kingdom come, Your will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven.” What is God’s will on earth? Jesus has commanded us to do two things…Love God and Love People. (Matt 22:37) If we do those two things, we are doing God’s will. Is that God’s Kingdom on earth?

4)   Do you often find yourself struggling to find where you fit in? Do you have a hard time saying no to people even when you’re not comfortable or passionate about what they’re asking you to be involved in?

5)   Spiritual Gifts are relational. They are meant to be used in community, in love, to bring heaven to earth. What does this mean for you in your school, family, sports, and life?

6)   Do you ever see your friendships with other people as opportunities to Build Gods Kingdom Here? Building the Kingdom of God isn’t “making as many people believe as possible.” It’s creating the kind of culture on earth that there is in heaven. What does that look like?


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