Build-a-Wookie Hilarious Team Game

Roll of blue masking tape

Everyone wants to be Han.  However, even if you have the black vest and tight fitting pants, you can’t be Han without a Wookie by your side.  Luckily, you probably have all you need to help the aspiring Hans in your youth group build their own wookie companions out of a good friend and some construction paper.  Here’s how the game goes.

1. Select a handful of students to be Han (you’ll need to have the same number of Hans as you do shredders).

2. Ask Han to recruit a friend to become a wookie, and another friend or two to help in the transformation.

3. Give each team a stack of brown construction paper, a roll of blue painters tape and a non cross-cut paper shredder.

4. Set a timer and tell each team they have a limited time to transform their friend into a wookie.

5. Have a panel of judges decide on the winner and award your glorious prize (or just glory).

Supplies Needed:

Brown Construction Paper

Cheap Shredder (Non Cross-cut)

Blue Painter’s Tape

You’re welcome.

Image attribution: 501452 / Thinkstock


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