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An Invitation to the Christian Life

Sometimes we identify too much with the disciples of the gospels and not the disciples of the book of Acts. David Hull shares what it might be like to be changed by the Spirit of God and the deep bonds of Christian community.

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Seedbed - Seven Minute Seminary

Does Romans 7 Teach that Christians Will Continue Sinning?

Some point to Romans 7 as the proof-text for the saint-sinner paradox, suggesting that if even the apostle Paul struggled with his unrelenting flesh, Christians must face defeat in certain areas of their Christian life. On the contrary, Ben Witherington suggests that ancient rhetoric illuminates the passage in a way that eliminates Paul as the subject of this passage and paints a more optimistic picture of God’s sanctifying grace.

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God’s Parabolic Kingdom

Hear now these parables of the kingdom. Parable of the Praiseful Servant The king of a great land was about to take a long journey. He called his top three officials together. “I am putting

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