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As Christians seeking to live with convicted civility, we can’t succumb to either one of them. Instead of leaning out, now is the time to lean in with all wisdom, courage, and compassion.

If evangelism is just a check-­the-­box insurance policy paid for with the simple verbalization of a brief prayer, then calling those same people to costly, lifelong obedience in Christ in the days ahead will be a nearly impossible task.

The church is the place of belonging for resident aliens—and it offers a hopeful model for how to live and work in the place between heaven and earth.

As life continues to reopen and return to our new normal, it would be good to consider what lessons we have learned in this abbreviated but enforced sabbath.

Facing injustice is a part of the humble posture that prepares the way for awakening.

Jack Deere shares healthy ways that a church can grow in the spiritual gifts.

Bible Verses on the Ascension (NIV) When you ascended on high, you took many captives; you received gifts from people, even from the rebellious— that...

Any Sunday, and Easter Sunday especially, is the most apt opportunity to preach the risen Jesus Christ, and to offer the opportunity for hearers to respond.

Jesus is the anointed one who saves us from our sins precisely because he is the only-begotten son—and as such—is our Lord

Connect One of the biggest obstacles to people in coming to faith these days is the seeming gap that exists between science and the Bible....

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