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iPhones, Vision, and the Church

What can something as worldly and commercialized as the iPhone teach the church? Samuel Ahn shares the strong impact of feeling like you’re a part of a larger community and something that is bigger than yourself.

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The College Football of the Church

What if we allowed the attractional part of the church to be the empowering force behind the missional part of the church? What if attractional and missional were symbiotic instead of competitive? Dana Hicks shares wisdom about the usefulness of weekend services.

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A Spirituality of Fundraising

I am sure you have heard the phrase, “God never wants to do more through your life, than in your life.” I can’t think of any better phrase to describe the spiritual work of fundraising.

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3 Pros and Cons of Bivocational Church Planting

The apostle Paul was a bi-vocational church planter, so shouldn’t everyone else interested in church planting today, also? In today’s article, Rosario Picardo shares 3 pros and cons of this approach, with the hope that this helps us reflect on how mainline denominations in the United States can produce thriving, healthy churches once again.

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Resourcing The Vision

When I planted in 1996 the common mantra included “one of the main reasons the un-churched are turned off to church is our conversations about money.” The result: little talk about how money, discipleship and vision are so intertwined. This is so unlike Jesus who talked about money a lot. I soon realized how foolish I was and began a journey to a faithful stewardship plan.

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