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We talk about proper exegesis when crafting a sermon, but what other ways can exegesis be applied to ministry? Rosario Picardo explains what exegesis means when applied to culture and how properly exegeting the culture you serve can make a world of difference in ministry.

Are you strategizing a church plant? Aaron Perry explains how your theological perspective can affect your church plant.

As pastors, we often get to hear people’s faith and lack of faith stories and their church and why-they-don’t-go-to-church-stories. Over my 13 years of leading The Orchard and walking with notorious sinners and other scum, I have come to the conclusion that there are five kinds of churches and I am beginning to think five kinds of Christians as they relate to outsiders.

Do we really understand our identity as the church? Matt Leroy shares what it means to be the "Called Out Ones."

As Christians with a Wesleyan heritage, we are not starting new faith communities and churches to compete with the Baptist, Assembly of God, or Latter Day Saints. Nor are we starting new churches to ensure the survival of a denomination. Rather, Wesleyans are starting new faith communities and new churches across the land because it is the Wesleyan thing to do.

What can something as worldly and commercialized as the iPhone teach the church? Samuel Ahn shares the strong impact of feeling like you're a part of a larger community and something that is bigger than yourself.

Why do we plant churches? The answer is simple: Jesus Christ is the reason why we plant churches. The foundation of church planting and the entire Christian faith is Jesus Christ. Churches fall into error whenever they move away from Christ as their foundation.

What do you think the mission of a church plant is? Aaron Perry shares how our idea of mission needs to shift when considering a church plant.

Interested in planting a church? Wrestle with these questions first: Why do I want to plant a church? What if I fail? Who is my team? What is the mission? Where will I plant? How will I measure?

Aaron Perry shares a concrete example of what it looks like to claim a gospel narrative to inform your church plant.

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