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Justin Morgan shares the worship plan from his recent Pentecost Sunday worship service.

Do you sometimes feel like nothing you do turns out right? Quincy Brown shares why there's nothing wrong with that!

As a church planter, is it a bad idea to talk about politics, or could it be a way to open dialogue? Whatever your opinion may be, the topic will probably still come up. Here are some useful tips for navigating such conversations.

Worry is one of the worst enemies anybody can have, especially church planters. Worry can keep us awake at night, stuck during the day,...
Seedbed - Seven Minute Seminary

The global church has long debated the topic of women in leadership and ministry. Even in traditions that support women as pastors, women who are called to church planting often still face unique challenges of their own. Carolyn Moore explains some of these challenges in this Seven Minute Seminary video.

Whether the church is growing or shrinking, there will always be some who are hurt, angered, or disappointed by it. But could there be fresh expressions, or non-traditional ways of imagining it, that could help restore people to God? Read more from Travis Collins today as he explains a new hope for local communities.

In this video interview, Winfield Bevins and Dan Alger sit down to discuss both the positive contributions and the cultural barriers of planting a church in the Anglican tradition. They conclude that the richness of Anglicanism is fertile ground for missional work in 21st century America.

Why must Anglicans plant churches, and what about their tradition makes it a stream that enriches the mission of planting churches? In this video interview, Dan Alger offers wisdom and encouragement for those sensing a call to this particular vocation.

Coincidence? I think not! Dan Slagle tells us about a set of seemingly chance encounters God used to bring about an amazing opportunity for a church planting training conference that was desperately needed in India.

What is this burgeoning new Wesleyan movement, and what shape will it take? To be sure, many people have many questions about what the landscape will look like moving forward. David Drury shares some of his questions, as well as hope for conversations at the New Room Conference on September 16th - 18th.

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