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The incarnation is God’s great testament to the holiness of the body; we are all designed to be icons of the incarnation.

He said be And everything became so And in the amount of time it took for breath to pass through lips A universe boomed, and stars sparked,...

Helping our churches make this transition from Christendom to post-­Christendom may be one of the most important pastoral challenges we have faced in decades.

Once again, we are in a situation similar to Judges 2:10, “Moreover, that whole generation was gathered to their ancestors, and another generation grew...

The church should always be about cultivating communities of Jesus that are missional, contextual, formational, and ecclesial.

Revive us, Abba Tell the dead to try again Reshape us, Abba Point our pasts to where they end Respond to us, oh Lord We need to...

We are one in the Spirit There are no colors on our souls No pigments that have seeped deep enough to breach       the depths of...

The first World Missionary Conference marked the beginning of a unique era in global Christianity.

Secure in our knowledge of the coming Kingdom, we can live as light in the darkness of today.

Loving people who think differently than we do is some hard stuff, maybe now so more than ever. But it is possible. And so incredibly necessary. 

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