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What is the key to vibrant life and spirituality during the long years of life? In the first installment of the Soul Care Collective's Aging and Spirituality Video Series, Dr. Ellsworth Kalas shares his secret to aging gracefully: growing older without having to grow old.

Should we have kids' programs at church, or should they be a part of a corporate worship service on Sunday morning? Many churches have alternative worship services for children during the adults' worship service. Is this healthy for the children and for the congregation? Cathy Stonehouse discusses the relevance of having a truly corporate worship service that includes children.

How can grandparents pour into the spiritual life of their grandchildren and great-grandchildren? Dr. Donald Joy shares wisdom on early childhood development and how you can help children grow in love and in the Lord.

We talk so much about those who have come before us and transmitted the Christian faith to us. We honor them regularly. But, we don't often talk about how these people are living, breathing, clay vessels just like we are.

Sometimes when we move from work into retirement, the changes in lifestyle and schedule patterns can be tricky to navigate. What does it look like to have a vibrant faith and abundant life in the midst of the transition of aging? In today's Aging and Spirituality Series video, Dr. J Ellsworth Kalas shares his perspective on retirement as a Christian.

Dr. Don Demaray talks lightheartedly about non-retirement, writing, needing people, and his new-found love of dogs.

Today's Friday video features Dr. J Ellsworth Kalas explaining how Methodism can do better by the people we serve. God wants better men and women, not methods.

How does the family system operate, and what happens when it doesn't work the way it should? In today's Soul Care Collective Aging and Spirituality Video, Dr. Don Joy explains how crucial the family system is in the development of a person's emotional life, and what the consequences are when the family system is dysfunctional.

In today's video post, Dr. J. Ellsworth Kalas explains the importance of loving others and loving yourself.

Does it really matter whether we are optimists or pessimists? What can positive thinking really do? In today's Aging and Spirituality series video, Dr. Don Demaray explains how thinking positively can make an impact on your life.

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