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Sometimes, confidence can make all the difference when presenting the gospel. Emily Barlow shares three tips that can help you be more prepared to lead.

Why do we follow the church calendar and celebrate holy days? Daniel Rife shares why worship is about remembering.

What characteristics do worship leaders share with the friends of the paralytic man in Luke 5? Emily Vermilya shares the passion and motivation of a worship leader.

Are you looking for new songs to sing for your Easter service this year? Drew Causey shares five new songs that will speak forth truth.

Does the everyday ebb and flow of life dampen your awareness of God's presence? Joel Mooneyhan provides a timely message for Lent.

We often assume that people know things, but sometimes they are afraid to ask. Emily Barlow shares why we should define what Easter actually is during the worship service.

The 40 days of Lent are characterized by prayerfulness, repentance, fasting and outward acts of service. For many contemporary churches that are just beginning...

Interruptions are often annoying and unwanted. Silverio Sanchez shares why an interruption from the normal can actually be beneficial and provides two tangible ways you can let the Holy Spirit move this Lent.

We are all created in the image of our creative God. Kory Pence shares 6 ways to incorporate creativity and art into the worship service.

Are you looking for ideas to make this Lent's worship services memorable for your congregation? Patrick Bourckel shares ways to implement different types of fasting.

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