Centurion: The Easter Event from a Roman's Perspective (Free Ebook)


Enjoy this free Seedbed Short—Centurion—a work of historical fiction written from the perspective of a Roman solider. Our hope is that this work by Sean Gladding will draw you in and help you see the Easter event in a fresh way.

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Sean is a longtime pastor and author of The Story of God, the Story of Us and TEN: Words of Life for an Addicted, Compulsive, Cynical, Divided, and Worn-Out Culture. His work has been driven by a passion for missional and incarnational ministry, with a focus on being all-together present in our neighborhoods.


  1. I have not read this but I certainly plan to. I recently re-read “The Robe” by Lloyd Douglas which is a fictionalized account of the Roman centurion who is charged with carrying out the crucifixion and wins Jesus’ robe in the game of dice at the foot of the cross. He returns to Palestine incognito a year later and spends time with the people who had encountered Jesus up close and personal; he is even present for the stoning of Stephen. It is a fascinating read. We need more writings like this that speculates and fleshes out the people and events in a more “realistic” way.