Why Christians Should Care about Environmentalism

Dr. Sandra Richter shares on the topic of Christians and environmentalism, and why the Bible has more to say on the topic than most people think.

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5 Responses

  1. God set mankind to subdue and rule over the earth and all created life. Mankind is not set to serve the earth or created life. Bluntly, mankind is told to exploit resources. This would take in the best use. Some might opine best use is destructive. It may be. No where in Scripture are believers told to leave creation in it’s initial state. Every activity of man from hunter-gatherer structure, nomadic, primitive and settled agricultural as well as clan, village, town and city structures involves modification of creation as originally found to a more useable form. Development without regard for consequences is foreign to the Scriptures.

    Believers cannot with integrity support the current environmental movement as pressed by the “crazy left-wing liberal types.” They use it with no concern for the will of God. They use it not just as a political tool but a political weapon by which to advance their own extreme political and social agenda.

  2. Sandra, thank you for the most sensible, balanced and concise words on Christians taking care of God’s creation that I can ever remember hearing.

  3. Arrogant attitudes like bthomas’ turn away a lot of people from Christianity. Christ equals mercy and compassion – lacking in bthomas’ comment. Sandra Richter is a breath of fresh air – and truth

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