Christians Should Read the Apocrypha


Many Christians refer to the 400 years between the Old and New Testaments as the “silent years.” In today’s Seven Minute Seminary, Caleb Friedeman suggests that this is a mistake. On the contrary, a lot was happening in that period (read more in our article, “What Happened Between the Old and New Testaments.“) and the story of God’s people continued as the birth of their Messiah was expected with mounting anticipation.

Many stories found in the Apocrypha help illuminate and explain key New Testament concepts, both in the Gospels and beyond. It proves a valuable exercise for Christians to read this extra-canonical group of historical treatises.

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Caleb Friedeman currently resides in Wheaton where he is pursuing a Ph.D. in Biblical Theology—New Testament at Wheaton College Graduate School. He also serves as Associate Pastor of Christian Education at Trinity Church of the Nazarene (Naperville, IL) and is an adjunct faculty member at Oklahoma Wesleyan University.