Come Holy Spirit, Part 2

Come Holy Spirit, Part 2

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How do you see the Holy Spirit moving in our world today? In part two of this series, we get answers from Scot McKnight, Darrell Bock, Elaine Heath, Steve Seamands and Victor Reasoner. They weigh in offering unique, global perspectives.


Scot McKnight – Professor at North Park University, an award-winning blogger, author of more than 30 books including his award-winning The Jesus Creed: Loving God, Loving Others, and a member of the Society of Biblical Literature.

“One of the great dimensions of redemption is the breaking down of walls between Jews and Greek, slave and free, and males and females — the ethnic, status and gender mandates. Globalization and the Internet have put people in touch with people all around the globe; local churches are raising the challenge of unity in Christ; and more and more denominations are reporting cooperation and less emphasis on their private and cherished turf. The making of all people one under Christ is a great sign of kingdom work in our world.”


Darrell Bock – Professor at Dallas Theological Seminary, former President of the Evangelical Theological Society, and editor at large for Christianity Today.

“He is active in individual lives all around the world. He is very active in fresh ways in certain key parts of the world: Africa, South America, and Asia. I think he is stimulating the church to be more global in its perspective.”


Elaine Heath – Professor at Perkins School of Theology, Director at the Center For Missional Wisdom, and featured speaker at the 2011 Wesleyan Leadership Conference.

“When I look at globalization there is much to be worried about, especially neocolonialism with its exploitation of people in developing nations.  Yet there is a beautiful, God-breathed side to globalization that gives me hope.  Within my neighborhood, my congregation, and the city in which I live, I encounter daily ‘every tribe and nation,’ with languages, cultures, and wisdom that come from around the world.  I experience the Holy Spirit in this diversity, for I need to hear the voices of those whose lives have been very different from my own.  As I share a meal with a young woman from Burundi, as I learn the words to a worship song from the Democratic Republic of Congo, as I welcome to my hospital room a visit from a Pakistani friend, the Holy Spirit comes to me in new ways.  Yes, there is much injustice that is going on because of globalization and the church simply has to move to the forefront of resisting evil in that guise.  But I am grateful beyond words for the gifts of the Spirit that come to us through our sisters and brothers our neighbors from around the world.”


Steve Seamands – Professor of Christian Doctrine at Asbury Theological Seminary and award-winning author of Ministry in the Image of God: The Trinitarian Shape of Christian Service.

“Not only is the Church being established and growing among almost every tribe and tongue and nation, but multi-ethnic, multi-racial churches are also emerging across the face of the earth.  The “fullness of the Gentiles” which Paul spoke of (Romans 11:25), the multitude John envisioned (Revelation 7:9) is coming closer to reality.  And in greater numbers than ever before, God’s chosen people, the Jews, are calling upon the name of Yeshua, their Messiah.  God’s plan for the Church, which Paul describes in Ephesians 2-3, is unfolding before our eyes.”


Victor Reasoner – Academic Dean at Southern Methodist College and author of several books and articles.

“This summer I made my seventh trip to Nigeria as an adjunct lecturer at West Africa Theological Seminary.  By 2025, one in four Christians will live in Africa.  By 2100 Nigeria will be the epicenter of Christianity.  I share in the privilege of training the next generation both here and there.  I watch with joy as the Holy Spirit opens the Word he inspired and makes it relevant to future leaders in the body of Christ.”


How do you see the Holy Spirit moving from your perspective in the world today? Share your answers in the comments box below. We might just select the best ones to highlight in this series.

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