David Anointed as King: A Free Discussion Lesson

Credit: JackF / Thinkstock

For four weeks we are taking a look at the early life of David to learn what it truly means to walk through the seasons of God’s call on our life. God told David at a young age; most believe around 12 – 15 years old, what the calling on his life would be.

Most youth in high school would love for this to be their reality. It would be a miracle for them just to be told what their calling is for life! They are in the middle of stressing over what college is best for them, and the struggle is real, mainly because they don’t know what they want to do with their life. It seems like their whole life is hanging on the decisions made in their junior and senior years.

This week, there is a surprise in store as the outcome of David’s Anointing as King doesn’t have the expected immediate effect on his life.

Here’s the big ideas:

Bible Verse: 1 Samuel 16. 6-13

David’s Life Lesson:

  • David get’s anointed as the next king, and immediately returns to the fields to be a shepherd.

Our Life Application:

  • Be Faithful Where You Are, Right Now
  • You Have A Calling Now. It’s Where You Are Now

The Discussion Questions:

  1. Is it hard to believe that God has a plan specifically for you?
  2. What is one way you can be faithful to God right where you are today?
  3. How will your life impact your future?
  4. Where does God play into the journey of life?
  5. Do you ever wonder what God’s plan is for you life, and if you do, what do you do with that question?

Pierce serves as the student pastor for middle school and high school at Providence United Methodist Church. For over 9 years, Pierce has served churches both in the US and abroad. Pierce received his Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies from Reinhardt University. When he is not outside playing disc golf, Pierce is always binge watching The Office on Netflix. He lives just outside Nashville, Tennessee with his wife, Claire, and their mini Australian Shepherd, Pippa.