David Plays for Saul: A Free Discussion Lesson

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The surprises of David’s path to the throne continue this week as we look at how he comes to the palace.

What we learn from David walking through his early life is that God is more concerned with who we are becoming than where we are going. David knew he needed to be developed before he got to his destination.  We discovered that last week, but this week we see how far that actually went in this part of David’s story.

The Big Ideas:

Bible Verse: 1 Samuel 16.15-19

David’s Life Lesson:

  • David allows God to bring him into the presence of Saul, the king, instead of trying to make it happen his on way.

Our Life Application:

  • Be Marked By God, Not Marketed By Man
  • Let God Handle Our Transitions

Discussion Questions:

  1. How do you think the people around you would describe worth/value?
  2. Have you ever seen people change who they are to be liked more?
  3. What does it mean to have your value/worth in God?
  4. Is it hard to trust God to come through for you?
  5. Where and how can we trust God today to handle upcoming situations in our life?

Pierce serves as the student pastor for middle school and high school at Providence United Methodist Church. For over 9 years, Pierce has served churches both in the US and abroad. Pierce received his Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies from Reinhardt University. When he is not outside playing disc golf, Pierce is always binge watching The Office on Netflix. He lives just outside Nashville, Tennessee with his wife, Claire, and their mini Australian Shepherd, Pippa.