David’s Gifts over Saul’s Armor: A free Discussion Lesson

David’s Gifts over Saul’s Armor: A free Discussion Lesson

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David’s journey to taking his place as the King of Israel is so confusing and unexpected.  This week is possibly the most famous of the stories from that journey, and it reveals a central truth to us.

The truth is that we need to trust God and let him work on who we are rather than worry about where we are going. God wants to do a work in our soul so that he can trust our heart and send us anywhere.

Big ideas:

Bible Verse: 1 Samuel 17.1-40

David’s Life Lesson:

  • David used the gifts God had given him in the wilderness, instead of using Saul’s gifts and armor, to fight David’s fight.

Our Life Application:

  • In The Wilderness With God, He Qualifies And Equips Us For What’s To Come.
  • Our Wilderness Is A Requirement Before The Spotlight

Discussion Questions:

  1. How does it make you feel to know that God is with you even when you feel no one else is?
  2. What does it mean to know that its in those moments of being alone that God is developing you for something to come?
  3. Is it easy or hard to see that Jesus is with you when you are alone?
  4. Where is somewhere you think God might be trying to develop or teach you right now?
  5. Do you think there is another way to look at the alone time/wilderness?
  6. Could the alone time/wilderness be a good thing?


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