Deer Dog and Four Winds: 2 Quick and Easy Youth Games


If you are like me, sometimes you want to play a game in your youth group but you don’t want to have to get a ton of supplies. I put my head together with our Associate Children’s Minister and all around game guru, Sam Taylor Gochey, and we came up with four easy no-prep games that you can play at your next youth night.

Deer Dog

Everyone gets a chair and makes a circle except for one person who is standing in the middle of the circle with a pillow ready to hit the person standing. To start the game, go around the circle and have everyone name an animal (including the person in the center of the circle). Pick one person in the circle to start. They stand up and say their animal and another animal in the circle. Then the person with the animal they called stands up, says their animal and another animal in the circle before the person in the middle of the circle hits them with a pillow.

If they are able to say both their animal and another before getting hit with the pillow, then the game keeps going. If they get hit with the pillow before they can say both animals, then the person in the middle switches with the person they hit with the pillow. Then the former person in the middle starts the game all over again (says their animal and another one in the circle)


  • Everyone has to have a different animal
  • You have to stand say your animal and another animal in the circle before getting hit with the pillow
  • If you get hit with the pillow before saying the other animal, you switch with the person in the middle.
  • If that switch happens, the person who was in the middle has to say their animal and another before sitting down.
  • The first person to call animal names has immunity

Four Winds Blow

Get the whole group in a circle with every person but one standing at a cone. The circle needs to be spread out, as everyone will be running. The person without a cone will stand in the middle and say, “Four winds blow if _______.” For example, I might say, “My name is Mike. Four winds blow if you have ever read a Harry Potter book.” Everyone else in the circle who have also read a Harry Potter book then runs to a new cone. The person in the middle runs to a new cone as well, therefore leaving a new person in the middle! Repeat this process as long as you want to play the game.


    • If the “Four Winds Blows” applies to you, you must run.
    • You cannot run to a cone directly next to you.
    • “Four Winds Blow” statements must be true


Cones or something to make spots for students to run to


Mike has been working in student ministry for around 10 years now. He got his start in student ministry as an intern at St. James United Methodist Church in Montgomery, AL, and after a few years he was hired as an associate over the middle school. He is currently serving in Mobile, AL as a youth minister at Christ United Methodist Church. Mike has a passion for building relationships with students and to teach them about God’s love and grace. You can follow Mike on Twitter: @mikeyrollins and on Instagram: @mrollins83