Dr. Craig Keener on the Historicity of the Book of Acts


With the release of Part 1 of his new commentary series on the book of Acts, we sat down with Dr. Craig Keener to discuss Luke as a historian and how Acts compares with other works in its historical context. Questions include:

1. We usually read Acts as history. How do we know it’s not a novel?

2. Give some examples of how external history corroborates Acts.

3. Do Paul’s letters ever corroborate Acts?

4. Did ancient historians write history precisely the way that modern historians do?

5. How close was Luke to any of events reported in Acts?

6. Some think that the ideas in Paul’s letters are too different from Luke’s for Luke to have been Paul’s traveling companion. What do you think about this question?

7. Did Luke write Acts only to inform us historically?

His new commentary published by Baker Academic in 2012 will prove to be a valuable resource to scholars, students, and pastors. Purchase a copy here.


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