Pentateuch: Inductive Bible Study

-Notes (PDF)

-Pentateuch, Part 1
-Pentateuch, Part 2
-Pentateuch, Part 3
-Pentateuch, Part 4
-Pentateuch, Part 5
-Pentateuch, Part 6
-Pentateuch, Part 7
-Pentateuch, Part 8
-Pentateuch, Part 9
-Pentateuch, Part 10
-Pentateuch, Part 11
-Pentateuch, Part 12
-Pentateuch, Part 13
-Pentateuch, Part 14
-Pentateuch, Part 15
-Pentateuch, Part 16
-Pentateuch, Part 17
-Pentateuch, Part 18
-Pentateuch, Part 19
-Pentateuch, Part 20

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  1. I’d change one thing, I’d increase PRAYER: individually, small groups, corporate, denominationally, concerts of prayer, etc. I LOVED everything else, BULLSEYE!


    Dan D. Smith

  2. I’ve been seeking such church all my life, even calling the author after reading his Liberating the Church, and asking where to find it! Alas he could not direct me(7 years ago) and I still am looking.I currently live in Grass Vally, Ca. Someone please help. Ken Lauer.

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